Maiden China is an Asian girl-group of talented and beautiful friends living in Toronto.

This group was formed in the spring of 2011 by their producer Cory Noziglia, and executive J.K. Larda. After auditions and interviews, Maiden China took an official shape with four members, Amy Liuu, Jessie Yang, Lisa Hui, and Tina Li. In May 2011, their rehearsals began.

They began training singing and dancing in a recording studio in Pickering, Studio Magic. Throughout the summer they had many various show oppritunities at a variety of venues. They wrote songs for their upcoming full-length CD, and started preparing to shoot their first music video. In fall of 2011, Teena Sun joined Maiden China, and quickly became a valuable addition to the group.

The group has been spending a lot of time writing songs and recording their CD, as well as working on other media, with a goal to have everything ready for spring. They have been taking dance lessons from Teego from VyBE since early this year, and their skills have been improving rapidly.